Soapi Blendz Liquid Hand Soap Now Available.

Pure. Premium. Handmade

Pure, premium, handmade all natural liquid hand soap.

Honeysuckle & Calendula

Ingredients include vegetable glycerin, purified water, Olive Oil, Coconut, Essential oils, Dried Flower Petals, Scented Herbal Tea. All products are paraben and cruelty free, never tested on animals. Custom orders are available.

Lemongrass & Ginger

Ingredients include real fresh ginger which has natural aromatherapy benefits for the skin and overall well being. Ginger has been proven to blend well with lemongrass and with this all natural hand soap, the scent of fresh ginger pairs well and provides a lasting experience with each use. Use daily. Other ingredients include grapeseed, avocado, real lemongrass, lemongrass extract, as well as vegetable glycerin and dried flower petals. All products are paraben free and vegan. Cruelty free, never tested on animals. Now available in 8 fl oz while supplies last. Custom orders are available please use the contact us on this site for more details.

Disclaimer: Although ginger has been proven to sooth digestive maladies, please do not ingest this product. Not for sensitive or irritated skin. Conduct patch testing when using products for those with allergens before use. Ginger is phototoxic, please avoid long periods of direct sun exposure 12 hours to follow application. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. This and other products are produced in a facility that uses nuts, citrus, and flowers.

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